Saturday, April 28, 2007

a petal fell. it was night.

a petal fell:
is gravity a law or a commandment?

all things fall:

have you hit the ground of late?
petals of spring rise sometimes even to the clouds

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Something That Makes Me Cry: Hiroshima by John Desey

Hiroshima by John Desey-How can (hu)Man do this to (hu)Man
On his way back with the water, he got lost on a detour around a fallen tree, and as he looked for his way through the woods, he heard a voice ask from the underbrush, 'Have you anything to drink?' He saw a uniform. Thinking there was just one soldier, he approached with the water. When he had penetrated the bushes, he saw there were about twenty men, and they were all in exactly the same nightmarish state: their faces were wholly burned, their melted eyesockets were hollow, the fluid from their melted eyes had run down their cheeks. (They must have had their faces upturned when the bomb went off; perhaps they were anti-aircraft personnel.) Their mouths were mere swollen, pus-covered wounds, which they could not bear to stretch enough to admit the spout of the teapot. So Father Kleinsorge got a large piece of grass and drew out the stem so as to make a straw, and gave them all water to drink that way. One of them said, 'I can't see anything.' Father Kleinsorge answered as cheerfully as he could. 'There's a doctor at the entrance to the park. He's busy now, but he'll come soon and fix your eyes, I hope.'

Friday, April 20, 2007

Our Earth as Art

a big and adventitious haylo hayhi to all the personpuppetbodies out there in this week of carnage and tragedy for the humanus familia. What are we saying to each other when so many have been blown up in Iraq and a young South Korean man with a speech impediment who had been bullied at school had to go so far as to execute 32 fellow students? Are you humans saying you hate each other so much? Is life no longer worth living?

The link above takes you to a new google thing mymaps where you can use googlemaps to make your own map-world. In this case it is Our Earth as Art. The world is beautiful but as now with too much riches and selfishness if it is unshared it is not really enjoyed. Deep down all beings have a profound ontological requirement-not just a need or want-requirement to share: information, emotions, being, sensations. so please stop the selfishness out there. Ask yourself next time Am I being selfish, do I need that extra $1million or could it go to something that can further the well-being of the 1BILLION people the world over who are deprived.

Monday, April 09, 2007


ELVISSTEIN is coming
to this site soon....

Please keep an eye on this site for this creepy tale of 21st Century

ELVISSTEIN is coming to this site soon. Please creep an eye on this site for this keepy tale of 21st Century Mayhem and Disillusionment. Please be advised that ELVISSTEIN and ELVISTEIN is now heavily copyrighted and that any infringements will lead to consequences!


The Amazing and Tragic Tale Will Be Here Exclusively Soon...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The Triduum Begins on Spy Thursday

Not much is of much importance without the understanding that there are things in existence that are worthwhile. The hope of eternal life beyond the manipulation of strings that articulate wood is worthwhile. Hope. Richard Dawkins asserts that belief in a meta-substance: meta-matter is a belief that is not worthwhile. I have news: chance is a fine thing but matter does not operate in one direction of linear time.
Today Christuians remember the last supper of Jesu Christu. Today is also known as Spy Thursday because of Judas Iscariot aka Judas Bond who spied and reported and betrayed. It's amazing that in a secular world the betrayal that Judas perpetrated is not meditated on more completely. Or rather perhaps that is why as a substitute -a double agent- for that contemPlateful there is Oscar Wilde's Ballad of Reading Gaol. Each man betrays the thing he loves...Some do it with a kiss.
Don't know about you but all this talk of supper is making me hungry.....Beware of who you share your table with....