Thursday, August 09, 2007

Poem for Mila

Below and Above 1

That day the clouds haltly like motor-traffic

And into the stretching light of summer night june,

Their seedlet rain sowing

Did what they do in an England London way-

That is in their own interplay

The day, they spoiled, for some, for some I’m sure,

But for others, most likely, can I assure you?

They secured:

Strolling together enbelled beneath skyscraper umbrellas

In certain quarters of Hampstead

Pimlico and Bayswater and less famous places too

They matriculated some romance

And the blades of sunlight that cut through

Symbolised something to them and for them

Of what so rarely staples, fuses, fissions, pins the here to now

Detatches the gowhere? Nowhere

From the somewhere righthere to the right now non-


And sometimes when it’s true that’s called like wow,

A kiss.

As for me I’m in the aforementioned Pimlico

In a café Nero

Waiting for the 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1, zero moment

When ashtrays can never sit atop menus

In the interior venues…

Restaurants and bars

In winter you will exhale beneath the stars

But now here

I inhale the moment

The 7:50 segment of

The Pinball machine day

Everyone in London, dodge, dodge. Dodge

An object – they’re humans I know like me –

I’m an object to them too – dodge, sometimes collide

Here each is a pinball to a ride

The rain and the wind drove us inside.

Happy at the inertia

Of reveries about my ancient Persia

And because associations work mysteriously

Mila the Muscovite’s accent

And wildly beautiful eyes in my mind like the colour of the rising moon in summer

And ruminations about the ancientness of the domestic cat

And the situation of the Pre-Raphaelite,

Aesthetically preferred by Mila

Who yet is found here in a 21st century poem

Gowhere righthere now where, as a symbol

Not a soul, floating more graciously than the clouds of the 29th of June 2007

Into the stratas

That have been recorded

And will sometimes be reopened

To let meanings

Enact all synonyms and similes of motion

In their attempt to collide or cooperate with each other

Yet above the clouds are stars

And above them more metaphors