Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There's a giant mirror-like enitity somewhere in the Universe

Hi All this is naughty Squorch saying a holographic hello to all you fans of intergalactic information.

What's been happening lately is that the fabric of the Universe and its origins are being steadily questioned and we may be on the verge of a paradigm shift. It should not be surprising given the way that in the last ten years, with the Internet and computers running at zillions of flops, information is being processed as never before.

The first piece of news is from Sir Roger Penrose who finds in some concentric cosmic waves he has studied, the echo of the "Universe" before the big bang. That is, a Universe before this Universe. Penrose is thus positing a more cyclical view of the Cosmos. The Big Bang is not t-zero.

Sir Roger Penrose on the cyclical universe -from 2007

The second piece of news - this article links to it - is the idea that reality is a hologram and we live only in two dimensions. Time supplies the third dimension.

Black hole physics, in which space and time become compressed, provides a basis for math showing that the third dimension may not exist at all.

As a puppet who serves humankind with my jests and performances I feel that what is being overlooked is the mirror. I have spoken of this many times before. Jaques Lacan in his psychoanalytical endeavours saw that the child's formation of emotions and kinetic action are formed in the mirror that is the mother's face firstly and then other people's movement, speech etc.

With Hanny's Voorwerp we saw a kind of mirror in the heavens. I say the structure of space-time has some kind of mirror in it that might have some bearing upon the holographic nature of reality.

On another note I am deeply sorry that my article on cinema and evil has offended some of my fellow performers and that I am barred from entering Hollywood for the next six months. All I can say is that the article is to receive a part two soon. But space-time being what it is "SOON" might be found in one of the mirror's in my dressing room. Or yours!