Wednesday, January 31, 2007

good days seem far away

Hello Friends if there are such things in this Universe of sadness.
It's been one of those days for Mr Squorch. You have probably seen the comments. I am depressed and have had a sleepless night. This is another image I have borrowed from the Beeb to express my disharmonic emotions:(((((

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Cobbler of Barnes Bridge

The Cobbler of Barnes at Night Danger: This is the Cobbler of Barnes Bridge

He has threatened to kill me if I do not stop my blog. I saw him in his shop a few months ago and wondered if he could be my Dad. I think he has remembered me or perhaps he chanced upon this blog and got jealous of my achievements.

Short Poem by WB Yeats

Cast a cold eye
Upon life,upon death,
Horseman pass by.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Crime: Be Honest About It

Incident on Queen's Street South London

A young doll was knocked over and verbally assaulted by three youth figurines.

Two of the youths were orange and wore baseball caps and had long ears. The other youth was cream and had canine features.

I arrived on the scene and was
able to help her to her feet and accompany her to the police station.

Crime is out of control in London. It is time that the good stopped twiddling their thumbs and started to address the causes of crime in a serious and intellectual way. This might mean starting with the TV stations who peddle quick highs like sex and action without giving back any hope that life can be beautiful.

A week full of snow but no snowpeople

Footprints are everywhere. But only when it snows does this metaphor present itself as an actuality. All our actions have consequences because of the laws of physics and indeed spirit. If I say you are a thief and your neighbour or acquaintance even half believes me he or she will be suspiscious of you even though you are innocent.


In terms of words and actions, humans, and puppets too, it is fair to say, copy and mimic each other more than they realise and so micro-violence and macro-violence can be passed on virally.

The Cry of the Mimic

The Mimic, if he or she is a sublime artist, underlines the absurdity of certain types of behaviour and through humour renders those behaviours laughable. Sadly evil can respond to laughter with violence and at those extremities does not forego or forgive.

Mean Streets

In Martin Scorcese's Mean Streets the central character, Jonny, played by Robin DeNiro is punished not so much for the money he has not paid back to a friend/colleague but for the mockery and humiliation he pours upon him infront of others.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

The Green Car (But it's blue like the sky it doesn't pollute)

Fantastico. This is the Vehicle I should be driving. It's
GREEN and it's mean and it's my kind of car. In it I
would be a film-stah!

i a star
and you my car
red carpets
and flashbulbs

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bunuel Didn't Quite Run Away With It-But No Matter

La ilusion en tranvia

(Runaway Streetcar)

On Saturday evening I was privileged to be taken out in the pocket by him-upstairs, K.1, my "owner". We went to the Brompton Oratory for mass and then to Luis Bunuel's 1953 film with which the title of this short peace be with you is entitled.

It is not one of Loony Luis Boony's best but like most flicks by this master it was still good. Set in Mexico City as a tale among several million tales, two tramway workers, after drink and a performing in an amateur street play of the first chapters of Genesis, take a tram they repaired earlier that day on a semi-surreal jaunt. The surrealism is not strong enough but the cast of characters from butchers to religious conwomen to schoolchildren keep the action moving as the streetcar crisscrosses the vast city and our heroes panic about the wrath they face when they return the vehicle.

The highlight for me was the Genesis scene where the Fall is given a comic carnal twist. The Fall was no laughing matter as it means that humans now kill each other because they hate going to work. That does not mean that they can not and should not see the funny side of it, if they believe in it...

Check out the Luis Bunuel season at the NFT

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

One of the most beautiful paintings by Fra Angelico, The San Marco Altarpiece shows his patron, one Cosimo de Medici, in the foreground, looking at us among a host of saints, especially St Dominic, gathered round the Mother of Jesu Cristu. The painting speaks in many languages. I have not mastered many but I advise all my fellow performers out there and even those entering Second Life- (the new crazy virtual world about which there is a buzz and no flyswatter)- to learn as many languages as they can. One language=one woman; two languages=one woman vel two people, two cultures; three languages=one woman vel three people and possible mental, I skid as I kid.

Aesthetics will be discussed in a later post-office, off Vauxhall Bridge Road.

Today could be an index of tomorrow if yesterday would let it

Well as you can imagine, the response and the respondents have been amazing. Many chimpanzees and gorillas wrote in to correct some of the errors I have been airing about their infedilitous reputation. I am chastened but the Pinker is the man. He is the Bob Dylan of the pop-sci psychology world.

Boeing have also been complaining about being associated avec moi. But I am connecting the Boeing family of aeroplanes to the semi-colon whose use I am encouraging among the Pupperatti. As far you fly, As flyswatterly you behave, What you took away, I have now gave to the Poor and the Dispossessed.

Please use the semi-colon as much as the Boeing bang bang dee bong family pan-globally peregrinates: it's worthwhile. Print-media is changing. The comma is no substitute for the semi-colon. Mind your language and the culture in which it operates will mind after you.

Now to say our last words for the minimoment, so precious and yet so easily taken for granted. Gorillas are in danger of extinction. Chimpanzees, too, have found no real and stable friendship from their human cousins. Please do all you can to help these fellow primates continue to enrich this planet.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Robert Zimmerman

visions of a visionary

Hey Robert Zimmerman with your voice of sand and glue,
I'd give anything to have your talent and live in a New Yorkian Sixties Greenwich Meantime zoo....

I've just been here:

I looked through 33 pictures of Dylan in a flyswatting instant. 33 pictures of the great man when he was a young man. He'd read his TS Eliot, his Rambo and his Ezra Pound:

The ant's a centaur in his dragon-world
Pull down thy vanity

And of course when I was a juvenile with my smutty sense of humour I reshaped the lower line as: Pull down the Pan(i)ties, I say pull down. Only later did I learn that Pound was castigating the two main women in his life who were vying for his love. Adultery sucks if that's what it was.

Fellow males: Do not cheat on the Women.

But if you've read the Pinker, Steven Pinker How The Mind Works then you note that male Gorillas have very small testicles compared to their body size whereas male Chimpanzees and Humans have quite large ones. The latter, evolutionarily speaking, need their spermatozoa to fight competitors in the sperm-world but the former who usually do have 3 wives use physical force and fight for their genetic continuation in the physical world. Not that some of you lame arses out there aren't going to fistify tonight(Friday) over some slaphappy chick. Annnnnnnnnnnnd not that some of you chicks don't enjoy a little bit of knuckle-flattery as men fight with lust for your luscious baubles and chattles and strings. To me this is KNUCKLE-HEAD WORLD and as a puppet, a scholar and a gentlemarionette I am above these things, in theory.
There's a lot of cheatin' goin' down and some of it leads to beatin'.

Bobby D, soothe us:
And these visions of Johanna...

Pistol shots rang out in the bar-room hall,
In comes Betty Valentine of the Ever Hard
She sees two men lying in a pool of blood...
Here's the story of Steven Pinker's How The Mind Works
Two million years on and the species is still full of burks.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's ch-ch-change it (bless me atishoo)

Never see you
In my eathly life cycle

Could you be
Brighter than the Archangel St.Michael

Boeing Boeing de badabing bing di bong....Shantih, Shantih, Shantih

Hello and welcome. I am Squorch(747) and this my big hi to the Universe. In the opener I've referenced an aeroplane company to signify my desire to go places and get somewhere. I've also pointed a finger at The Godfather and then rounded up on the wheels of steel with The Sugarhill Gang's Rappers Delight and finally if my memory serves, rounded off with the closing of TS Eliot's Wasteland or is it The Hollow Men? Good ol' Thomas Stearns: Let us go you and I as the evening stretches into the drycleaner's.

introdonaldducktion mickey mouseparty

I live in a pocket...when I am lucky. That is when I get to travel; to see the sightly things: to be a somebody instead of a schmuck of wood, cloth and string which is what I am.


I could've been a Marlon Brando for the new generation, when I was younger because Time that once gave the smoothnesses and now gives the scrapes that take them away, is moving house and my youth is fazzling but...LET'S CHANGE IT ALL AROUND!!!

Come fly with me or rather let us fly together or help each other to locate that flyswatter; for the buzz, sir/madam, is unsoundly and mighty beskincrawling.

let's change it all around

If it's old hat
Lay down on that mat
Press 'record' on that dat
And sing me a love song from your heart
Even if it's about another guy
Even if you want to make me cry or sigh

Sing me a love song from the heart
And change my world around the clock
Sing me a love song from the hurt or the happiness
That you feel and melt the cheese that was the rock

That knocked me for route sixty-six when I saw y-ooh

You know my hands want to go round you 24 hours
But I'm running out of my favourite powers
I'm Cinderella's other fella in my dreams
Nothing though is ever what it esteems
And I could be a fairytale
When you open your mail
If you just sing me that changifying
Knocked out Koo koo rearrangifying
Even yeah,

death defying, helter-skelting, hearts-a-melting....

Oh oh oh oh
Panic in the pocket world
Now that climate change has been unfurled

Let's make puppet love
But not with a glove:(

Oh oh oh oh

Panic in the world of semantics
My pants are on fire with ancient antics

Where was I before I took a detour
From that mat where things are just about to change?

ooh ooh ooh la la la hmm haha
Squorch 747 is here shouting out rah rah