Friday, March 02, 2007

starring Catherine Deneuve and Squorch747

a still from Loop Hell Breakout
The Bunuel season is over. Surrealism sleeps. But I have a starring role beside Catherine Deneuve. In the scene from which this still is taken, she has died and found herself actually trapped inside the film Belle du Jour. She can not move out of it, or speak, other than the words of dialogue from the film. But her thoughts are: How the hell can I get out of here?
A mysterious Hitchcockian is watching her on screen in a cinema. He does not know that she can see him. He pours poison into the popcorn of a young blonde woman in the seat next to him as she passionately kisses her boyfriend.
On screen, I enter the scene and speak as a tongued-Shakespeare: Squourchspeare.
"O woman of still-lake soft smooth time-has-no-effect skin,
Where is this mystery you are encastled in?"
Salvador Dali angrily tears down to the floor a red curtain he has been hiding behind. Pelting me with eyeballs he rushes at me with a barber's razor. Catherine screams, pulls off her wig and accosts Dali. They wrestle on the floor and Bunuel appears as the Archangel Michael dancing to the Jackson 5's Can You Feel It and turns Dali into a giant fried egg that sizzles on the carpet.
I am saved and grateful and this incident has so upset the blonde in the cinema audience that rather than snack on the poisoned popcorn she leaves the auditorium. She too has been saved.

den hte

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Look at those ridiculous socks in the background.