Friday, May 25, 2007

Untitled Poem

Thinking thoughts of thunking
Here comes my day a clunking
Plunking into plonkerty
So much rubbish needs must a junking

Thoughts a-thunking plink
When I’m lonely
I want be-withs
Bet rare are the am-withs
Where not think some thoughtly thinks want I
What think is a thunk
I’ve seen some blinks that make a bunk
Every human has to accept that they’ve blunk
And often with a blink

Today is a thinking day
They say I think too much
Some kind of thinking is just a hiding away crutch
Throw it away and talk and say
Oh Thank you,
Thanks very much

If my mind’s a rabbit
It’s a rabbit without a hutch
To find
is a lifelong thing
It’s a thung to think
It’s mind

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