Friday, June 15, 2007

Tomorrow's God

I now know what I meant by LOVE IS A BROKEN HEARTED TRIANGLE. It means that A breaks B's heart because he doesn't love her and B breaks C's heart because of the love B DOES NOT HAVE for C. And it goes on.

For you closet catholics out there today is the feast of The Sacred Heart of Jesu Cristu who basically died of a broken heart-not that he wasn't tortured to death as well...

Any way here is a poem to mark this special day when we can say sorry for our lack of love towards fellow bretheren and sisteren and sadly I speak to Palestine right now as well as all of the rest of us. Riches are great but without Love there is no real meaning to society.

Tomorrow's God

God of laughter

And God of tears

God who made us hopers with rays of love heavier than the Universe,

As we who stir the hopelessness we create by hating with limbs of fears

Please shed your graces

On we, who, from you, perpetually

Hide our faces

On we, who balance so proudlarge

upon this speck of dust

This planet miniscule teeming with unjust

We who say and pray I trust

And yet can scarce faith

That Adam's atoms came at last to reach past dust

God of laughter

And God of tears

Creator of joy

And sensible to fear and sorrow;

Yet God for whom there is no yesterday nor today,

And no millenium and indeed no to

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