Monday, March 24, 2008


I believe this painting by Miro is one of K1's favourites. It has inspired him often. For me I relate to the mustachioed character to whom our eyes are first drawn. I do feel "he" inspired Zebedee of The Magic Roundabout.

In this painting he seems ill at ease and like the Laughing Cavalier his emotional expression is determined by his mustache. The Laughing Cavalier, as is well known, does not laugh or even smile but his mustache does and so the viewer is "tricked" into perceiving a smile of jollity; the cavalier's twinkling eyes abet this effect. Here our hero, sorry my hero, is ill at ease, in a quandry, discombobulated, and this is as a result of the down turned left (red) eye firstly and then the mustache. So I'm wrong to place such emphasis on the mustache. Sorry. But it's not insignificant.

It is amazing what a/the mustache can do. I might grow one soon. I'll keep you posted. Further analysis of this painting will be made and to all of the two readers of this blob out there, your comments are most welcome sans the cobbler of Barnes.Grrrr!

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