Sunday, April 06, 2008

This is an excellent graffiti because it uses many common symbols. However, it does not use the 'M' of McDonalds though that may be intentional.

On a hypothetical level I want to link this graffiti, which I spotted opposite the entrance of Westminster Cathedral, to the coming recession and the rise in rice prices.

Let's just admit that Blair and Bush are GUILTY. GUILTY, guilty, guilty. The war in Iraq may come to be seen as the catalyst that began the West's decline into a darker poorer age. China and Russia were the beneficiaries.

I have been reading The Prince by Machiavelli. In the first few pages he says: Do not occupy a state. It is a disaster. Durhh!!! Did the strategists in the US read that book. Probably. Did it sink in? You tell me. I had George W. Bush down as a nice man. And he was. See him now. He has a corrupt air about him now. He's going down in history as a twit. And what about Condeleeza Rice? Well at least she tried to oppose the biggest greediest idiot in modern history: Dick Cheyney. Unless he repents he will probably burn in the fires of hell.  Is that too harsh. Sorry if it is. 

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