Monday, June 16, 2008

Big Thinks

Hi All

Big thinks denotes profound thoughts as opposed to little thinks which are commonplace, mundane, quotidian. These two stock opinion phrases are spoken by a hybrid half-Ape half-Human character in HG WELLS' great novel THE ISLAND OF DOCTOR MOREAU. Currently there is a Jeanne Moreau
season at the bfi. Please check it out if you are a fan of hers.

Back to the prophetic Wells. He
shows us in this short and astonishing work hybrid creatures: sub-humans who nauseate the central character Pendrick by their almost human-likeness and yet their animalness. Being neither, they have no beauty. They are grotesque and this is my fear for science. We are learning of the beautiful symmetries that underpin the building blocks of reality at the same time as fiddling with the biological foundations and structures of what makes us, I mean you, human. A great addition to this debate in fictional form is Michael Crichton's NEXT. Here we have a humanzee called Davey who doesn't quite reach human intelligence but who has great physical prowess. Next is a compelling read; it alerts the reader to much ugly rapaciousness in the area of genetic research. Ultimately, however, it fails to fully deliver, perhaps imagination-wise, on the severe consequences we could all face as a result of such unbridled and money fueled experimentation.

Anyway I want to leave you with a great picture - you can click on it to go to its original resting site - and apologies if any copyright is being infringed. The illustrator's imagination
here must be praised.

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