Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloo, The Departed and The Dark Knight Returns

Dear People

hello post Halloween where I was not able to perform in any horror film whatsoever. I do have some film review news: As you know I look and trace possible genealogies between films, and here is one: Batman, The Dark Knight Returns by Christopher Nolan and The Departed by Martin Scorcese.

Watch these two films back to back and you will see that they share:
  • The Civic theme; City as one of the main characters; city in peril, under threat, menaced by corruption but the good are at work
  • The same look of Police as a kind of Pageant
  • The gang scenes of money for drugs swaps
  • Joker Jack Nicholson needs no mention but the slaying of Police Commissioner Gordon played by Gary Oldman and Head of Police Queenan played by Martin Sheen
So there you have it.

Sad Squorch at the beginning of November 2009

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