Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Cone Nebula: over a short period of lightyears new stars are born within

The squorksome Cone Nebula Time waiteth for no puppet and the vastness of the Universe and its timescale compared to that of the earth is a boggler. I have been away for a while recovering from the impact of what I saw at, and the feelings I experienced after the BlindSummit event. I shall post some pictures of my drunken despair futurely.

For now I invite you to upload a piece of music by DJ Food called Raiding the 20th Century which is 50 minutes long. It is worth a listen as the breaks and some of the mixes and meldings of different tracks are squorksome. It's a bit long and the third or fourth listen, exciting passages aside, can be a little boring. But first and second listen 3 to 4 stars.

Here is the link: DJ Food. It's from ubu. It's free and there are no copy problems as I understand.


Anonymous said...

Someone should take you out to space and leave you there. Har har

lewro said...

Congrats squorch747. You have some really exiting content here. Thanks for sharing this. Now I am going to listen to that song. I hope is worth because it is pretty big file :o)