Monday, February 05, 2007

Puppet or Puppet-Master

This is George W.Bush speaking to an assembly of muppets some of whom applauded his impeachable policies. It's easy to jump on an anti-W bandwagon but the mess in Iraq is costing you humans a great deal in terms of your pockets. $400 billion dollars and rising.

"That's such a selfish outlook," I hear you say.

Well, I was about to add that if you had had a thousand restless nights and possibly one relative killed, kidnapped or murdered because of this "man's" decisions, as an Iraqi or a member of the human family, you would probably find it hard to have any respect for him, however nice a person he may be, which, while not agreeing with his policies, I once thought he was. Not anymore. He's become corroded, as has Condeleeza Rice. Admit wrong. It' easier for everyone.

Cheyney and Rumsfeld are the pigs of no humility in this tragedy.

With people like that making one vomit because of their lack of humility one wonders how far away we are from another Hitler rising to power. An eco-Hitler could be on the cards. Hitler, one is often reminded, was a vegetarian.

Here's a link to where you can get a copy of Downfall. Some people think this film is too forgiving to Hitler and there is something in that. But where they are wrong is in thinking that evil can be spotted easily like with Darth Vader. Real evil that destroys the human family starts with a mask that deceives extensively because it is MASKED. It is the Emperor's New Clothes.The German nation in that era were culturally and technologically quite advanced, yet....

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