Friday, February 23, 2007



I must answer to the question: Squorch, was that really you?

Yes. I was at the Audley in Mayfair on the first Sunday of February in despair at the way my career is not going. It all came home because of the puppets I saw at the BlindSummit show the week before; and those of you who read the blog regularly have possibly sensed an off-keyness about things. My career has STALLED!!! I blame it on my 'master' K1 who hasn't given me the freedom or the parts to show my thang.

A film he did some sound-design for was being mixed on Tuesday in Soho and yet he still didn't take me there to be seen. I could've made contacts, but no, he's ashamed of me. He's made 14 short films. Was I ever invited to be in them? NO Sirreebob. We did a few performances when we were kids but nothing since then. Zip. Is it any wonder I've turned to the boozio, the liquid for bozos? I am a bozo. Here are some more pics from the BlindSummit night with some commentary.

Excitement and anticipation before the show

Various shots of me in the audience and in the pocket I often inhabit.

Hold up! I should be on the stage. I was born to perform.

Typical! Asda supermarket in Clapham on a Saturday night. People are grooving and moving around to the beats and sounds and as ever I have no friends and no parties to be gracing-all because of you know who. So instead I wander round Asda. At least it's something I guess.

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