Monday, February 19, 2007

This is not a pipe because I can not smoke it, says Magritte.

I say: put that in a pipe and smoke it and see that it burns; but the concept remains, as- in an age where there are as many bricks as there are pictures- do reproductions of the image. Send it to Mars where they now believe there is water.

Replication is one of the undercurrents of this blog. On a Google search for:

Ceci n'est pas une pipe

I found references to 9/11. In Loose Change, JFK etc. what we think we saw happen did not happen as we saw or thought. What is appearance and what is reality ? It is the theme that obsesses you humans.

I believe the experience of babyhood, where things appear and disappear with no apparent meaning at first, (and then with myriad layers of altering meaning as we grow up), is one reason.
Why does my mum go away? Why is there light and then darkness?

We reach an age where explanations generally suffice but we do not know everything and that's cool. But we all like to think that we could grasp most things at some level. Even to that which is beyond us we can attach 'reason' . However, one thing we humans and puppets like to think is... that we can see behind anomalies in the behaviour and actions of others. It is natural.

In the jungle, survival depends on judgement. When faced with the cunning of the human you better know the difference between someone who wants to smoke a pipe of peace and someone who wants to paint a pipe and:

    say it's not a pipe
    make you think they're extremely clever
    make you feel flattered that you can share in their impressive paradox

    1. make you buy the painting
      and then visit your tree house while you're asleep and take it off you

  • Ceci n'est pas une pipe: you can't con me. I KNOW the difference. I know a con from a dotcom. I'm clever...and how often do people get hoodwinked?

    Probably as often as they pride themselves on how often they KNOW what's going on, behind the scenes, behind their behinds.

    What is going on anyway?

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