Friday, January 26, 2007

Crime: Be Honest About It

Incident on Queen's Street South London

A young doll was knocked over and verbally assaulted by three youth figurines.

Two of the youths were orange and wore baseball caps and had long ears. The other youth was cream and had canine features.

I arrived on the scene and was
able to help her to her feet and accompany her to the police station.

Crime is out of control in London. It is time that the good stopped twiddling their thumbs and started to address the causes of crime in a serious and intellectual way. This might mean starting with the TV stations who peddle quick highs like sex and action without giving back any hope that life can be beautiful.

A week full of snow but no snowpeople

Footprints are everywhere. But only when it snows does this metaphor present itself as an actuality. All our actions have consequences because of the laws of physics and indeed spirit. If I say you are a thief and your neighbour or acquaintance even half believes me he or she will be suspiscious of you even though you are innocent.


In terms of words and actions, humans, and puppets too, it is fair to say, copy and mimic each other more than they realise and so micro-violence and macro-violence can be passed on virally.

The Cry of the Mimic

The Mimic, if he or she is a sublime artist, underlines the absurdity of certain types of behaviour and through humour renders those behaviours laughable. Sadly evil can respond to laughter with violence and at those extremities does not forego or forgive.

Mean Streets

In Martin Scorcese's Mean Streets the central character, Jonny, played by Robin DeNiro is punished not so much for the money he has not paid back to a friend/colleague but for the mockery and humiliation he pours upon him infront of others.

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