Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Bunuel Didn't Quite Run Away With It-But No Matter

La ilusion en tranvia

(Runaway Streetcar)

On Saturday evening I was privileged to be taken out in the pocket by him-upstairs, K.1, my "owner". We went to the Brompton Oratory for mass and then to Luis Bunuel's 1953 film with which the title of this short peace be with you is entitled.

It is not one of Loony Luis Boony's best but like most flicks by this master it was still good. Set in Mexico City as a tale among several million tales, two tramway workers, after drink and a performing in an amateur street play of the first chapters of Genesis, take a tram they repaired earlier that day on a semi-surreal jaunt. The surrealism is not strong enough but the cast of characters from butchers to religious conwomen to schoolchildren keep the action moving as the streetcar crisscrosses the vast city and our heroes panic about the wrath they face when they return the vehicle.

The highlight for me was the Genesis scene where the Fall is given a comic carnal twist. The Fall was no laughing matter as it means that humans now kill each other because they hate going to work. That does not mean that they can not and should not see the funny side of it, if they believe in it...

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