Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Let's ch-ch-change it (bless me atishoo)

Never see you
In my eathly life cycle

Could you be
Brighter than the Archangel St.Michael

Boeing Boeing de badabing bing di bong....Shantih, Shantih, Shantih

Hello and welcome. I am Squorch(747) and this my big hi to the Universe. In the opener I've referenced an aeroplane company to signify my desire to go places and get somewhere. I've also pointed a finger at The Godfather and then rounded up on the wheels of steel with The Sugarhill Gang's Rappers Delight and finally if my memory serves, rounded off with the closing of TS Eliot's Wasteland or is it The Hollow Men? Good ol' Thomas Stearns: Let us go you and I as the evening stretches into the drycleaner's.

introdonaldducktion mickey mouseparty

I live in a pocket...when I am lucky. That is when I get to travel; to see the sightly things: to be a somebody instead of a schmuck of wood, cloth and string which is what I am.


I could've been a Marlon Brando for the new generation, when I was younger because Time that once gave the smoothnesses and now gives the scrapes that take them away, is moving house and my youth is fazzling but...LET'S CHANGE IT ALL AROUND!!!

Come fly with me or rather let us fly together or help each other to locate that flyswatter; for the buzz, sir/madam, is unsoundly and mighty beskincrawling.

let's change it all around

If it's old hat
Lay down on that mat
Press 'record' on that dat
And sing me a love song from your heart
Even if it's about another guy
Even if you want to make me cry or sigh

Sing me a love song from the heart
And change my world around the clock
Sing me a love song from the hurt or the happiness
That you feel and melt the cheese that was the rock

That knocked me for route sixty-six when I saw y-ooh

You know my hands want to go round you 24 hours
But I'm running out of my favourite powers
I'm Cinderella's other fella in my dreams
Nothing though is ever what it esteems
And I could be a fairytale
When you open your mail
If you just sing me that changifying
Knocked out Koo koo rearrangifying
Even yeah,

death defying, helter-skelting, hearts-a-melting....

Oh oh oh oh
Panic in the pocket world
Now that climate change has been unfurled

Let's make puppet love
But not with a glove:(

Oh oh oh oh

Panic in the world of semantics
My pants are on fire with ancient antics

Where was I before I took a detour
From that mat where things are just about to change?

ooh ooh ooh la la la hmm haha
Squorch 747 is here shouting out rah rah

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