Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Today could be an index of tomorrow if yesterday would let it

Well as you can imagine, the response and the respondents have been amazing. Many chimpanzees and gorillas wrote in to correct some of the errors I have been airing about their infedilitous reputation. I am chastened but the Pinker is the man. He is the Bob Dylan of the pop-sci psychology world.

Boeing have also been complaining about being associated avec moi. But I am connecting the Boeing family of aeroplanes to the semi-colon whose use I am encouraging among the Pupperatti. As far you fly, As flyswatterly you behave, What you took away, I have now gave to the Poor and the Dispossessed.

Please use the semi-colon as much as the Boeing bang bang dee bong family pan-globally peregrinates: it's worthwhile. Print-media is changing. The comma is no substitute for the semi-colon. Mind your language and the culture in which it operates will mind after you.

Now to say our last words for the minimoment, so precious and yet so easily taken for granted. Gorillas are in danger of extinction. Chimpanzees, too, have found no real and stable friendship from their human cousins. Please do all you can to help these fellow primates continue to enrich this planet.

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