Friday, January 19, 2007

Robert Zimmerman

visions of a visionary

Hey Robert Zimmerman with your voice of sand and glue,
I'd give anything to have your talent and live in a New Yorkian Sixties Greenwich Meantime zoo....

I've just been here:

I looked through 33 pictures of Dylan in a flyswatting instant. 33 pictures of the great man when he was a young man. He'd read his TS Eliot, his Rambo and his Ezra Pound:

The ant's a centaur in his dragon-world
Pull down thy vanity

And of course when I was a juvenile with my smutty sense of humour I reshaped the lower line as: Pull down the Pan(i)ties, I say pull down. Only later did I learn that Pound was castigating the two main women in his life who were vying for his love. Adultery sucks if that's what it was.

Fellow males: Do not cheat on the Women.

But if you've read the Pinker, Steven Pinker How The Mind Works then you note that male Gorillas have very small testicles compared to their body size whereas male Chimpanzees and Humans have quite large ones. The latter, evolutionarily speaking, need their spermatozoa to fight competitors in the sperm-world but the former who usually do have 3 wives use physical force and fight for their genetic continuation in the physical world. Not that some of you lame arses out there aren't going to fistify tonight(Friday) over some slaphappy chick. Annnnnnnnnnnnd not that some of you chicks don't enjoy a little bit of knuckle-flattery as men fight with lust for your luscious baubles and chattles and strings. To me this is KNUCKLE-HEAD WORLD and as a puppet, a scholar and a gentlemarionette I am above these things, in theory.
There's a lot of cheatin' goin' down and some of it leads to beatin'.

Bobby D, soothe us:
And these visions of Johanna...

Pistol shots rang out in the bar-room hall,
In comes Betty Valentine of the Ever Hard
She sees two men lying in a pool of blood...
Here's the story of Steven Pinker's How The Mind Works
Two million years on and the species is still full of burks.

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